Next batch of our online trainings is starting from 30th September
Next batch of our online trainings is starting from 30th September



Guerrilla is a mindset; it is a philosophy of life. When going gets tough, tough gets going. That is what intelligent job hunters do. In the wake of intense competition in the job market, smart job hunters dodge the competition and fast-track to interview table with the power of Guerrilla CV.
Research after research has proved that recruiters and headhunters spend only 5-7 seconds to make initial decision of shortlisting or screening out the candidate based on his/her CV and within next 3-4 seconds a final opinion is made to screen out. CV plays a critical role in the whole process of job hunting.

Who crafts Guerrilla CV?

Ashraf Chaudhry has personally trained carefully selected business graduates to craft immaculate, laser-like focused CVs embedded with powerful words that grab attention of headhunters and recruiters. Guerrilla CV writers have gone through rigorous training. They help you discover your strengths and make you compelling candidate. You are not pitched as miserable job seeker; rather you are projected as solution provider and an asset worth acquiring. Guerrilla CV is written under direct supervision of Ashraf Chaudhry, Pakistan’s leading sales trainer, headhunter, international author and business coach.
Is your current CV worthy of getting interview calls? We will evaluate it FREE OF CHARGE. Just send your CV at, our team will evaluate within 72 hours.