Next batch of our online trainings is starting from 30th September
Next batch of our online trainings is starting from 30th September
Ababeel English

Ababeel English

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You would learn vocabulary building, basic English grammar, realistic English dialogues for improved English communication, essay writing, story writing, and an environment to enhance your English languages proficiency. Moreover, you will be provided with individual assessments and guidelines on how to improve your skills.


Training Date 30th January 2023
Batch Number 62
Duration 30 Days
1 Hour Daily


You would find:
* Roadmap for each week
* Think, pair & share activities
* Individual/group activities
* Peer review
* Improving presentation skills
* Breaking the stage fright
* Assignments and project work

Training Methodology:
We will create a secret Facebook Group. Participants will attend training through live sessions on Zoom and links for recorded videos will be shared on Facebook Group. WhatsApp Group will be used for prompt communication with the trainer and for submission of your assignments.

Do you teach English Grammar and Tenses in this training?
The grammar and tenses will improve over time with intense practice and participation in the interactive live sessions. However, we have lesson plans to teach grammar with practical examples.

Will I be able to earn after this training?
Being English proficient is matter of practice. We will teach you ways to monetize your talent.

What will be the timing of the online sessions?
The live session will be at 7:30 PM through Zoom.

What are the basic requirements to attend the English Language Course?
These are three essentials that you need to get started with:
• Computer or smartphone
• Stable internet connection
• Fire in the belly

What if you need any guidance after 30 days?
Our WhatsApp group will remain functional for a substantial time and we will move you to our master group on Facebook at the end of the training where you will get more opportunities to learn from a bigger community.

E-certificate will be provided with additional charges of Rs. 300.


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