Next batch of our online trainings is starting from 30th September
Next batch of our online trainings is starting from 30th September
Excel Mania

Excel Mania

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Microsoft Excel is need of almost every corporate job of every field. It is a high in-demand skill at Fiverr and UpWork.


Training Date 30th January 2023
Batch Number 58
Duration 7 Day
1 Hour Daily


Training Methodology: We will make Secret Facebook and Whatsapp Group and participants will attend training through recorded and live sessions in the Facebook Secret Group. We extensively use WhatsApp for a 24/7 interaction with trainees.

One lecture will be shared everyday. You can adjust your timing as per your convenience. Average duration of a lecture will be 40 minutes.

Requirements to attend this course:
a. Computer
b. Internet
c. Basic Written English Skills
d. Fire in the belly

Do you need any particular skill before learning Microsoft Excel?
Absolutely NOT.

What if you need individual coaching after 7 days?
We are available without any charge.

How much time you will need to start earning?
All depends on your dedication and planning. Some of our trained people started earning within a week and some did not earn even in 3 months. It all depends on your inner desire and what we call FIRE IN THE BELLY.


Course Outline:


E-certificate will be provided with additional charges of Rs. 300. 


Trainer Profile:


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