Next batch of our online trainings is starting from 30th September
Next batch of our online trainings is starting from 30th September
Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing

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Training Content:

Day 1
* Introduction to Graphics Designing
* Creating art board

Day 2
* Difference between source and raster file
* Difference between selection tool and direct selection tool
* Working with Shapes

Day 3
* How to save source file and Raster image
* Working with different copy paste commands
* Creating pattern Design

Day 4
* Introduction to colors and Gradient
* Introduction to Gradient mesh tool
* Creating shades with opacity

Day 5
* Working with layers and creating more ArtBoards
* Transform and arrange options
* Working with pathfinder and shape builder tools

Day 6
* Offset path and outline stroke tools
* Working with Rotation Tool

Day 7
* Working with text
* Text Alignments and Adjustments
* Applying Gradient on text
* Working with clipping mask
* Working with image trace tool
* Applying Drop shades effects

Day 8
* Introduction to pen tool
* Adding and Deleting anchor point
* Adjustment of anchor points

Day 9
* Some important websites for finding source files
* Install fonts
* Introduction to InPage software
* How to use Urdu in Illustrator

Day 10
* Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
* Remove image background with different tools
* Use of Some effects for cleaning Image


Training Date 30th January 2023
Batch Number 37
Duration 10 Day
1 Hour Daily

Training Methodology:
We will make secret Facebook and WhatsApp groups. Participants will attend training through Videos and Live Sessions.


7:00 PM Every Day


Requirements to attend this course:
* Computer & Strong Internet
* Basic knowledge of computer
* Fire in the belly

What if you have questions after the course?
Our experts are available through exclusive WhatsApp group without any charges.

How much time will you need to start earning?
It depends on you. Some of our trainees started earning within couple of weeks and some did not earn even in 3 months. It all comes down to your inner desire and what we call FIRE IN THE BELLY.

E-certificate will be provided with additional charges of Rs. 300.


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