Next batch of our online trainings is starting from 30th September
Next batch of our online trainings is starting from 30th September
Online Trading

Online Trading

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In this course, we will cover all 4 types of online CFD trading techniques including forex, cryptos, indices, commodities (Gold, Oil, etc), and NFTs.


Training Date 30th January 2023
Batch Number 29
Duration 12 Days
1 Hour Daily

Course Outline:
* Introduction to Financial Markets and Comparison of different Asset Classes
* Important Terms and Definitions Associated with Trading
* Platforms, Exchanges, and Brokers (All Basics)
* Getting Started with Charts
* Market Structures
* All Divergence
* Patterns.
        i. Head and sholder
        ii. Elliot wave
        iii. Impulse wave
        iv. Wolf wave
        v. Neo wave
        vi. Harmonic pttern
        vii. Flag pattern
        viii. Triangle pattern
        ix. Double triple top & bottom
* Fibonacci levels
* Technical Analysis
* Fundamental Analysis
* Sentiments and Trader’s Psychology
* Intraday Trading (ABCD) and strategies
* Profitable Trading Strategies
* Practical Considerations
* Art and tech blockchain and smart contracts WEB 3.0 wallets

Training Methodology:
Live & Recorded Zoom Sessions. In case you miss the Live session, you can get a recording. Complete support through interactive WhatsApp & Facebook Groups.
Lifelong mentorship through an exclusive Facebook Group on a nominal monthly subscription.

10:00 PM Daily. Due to recorded sessions, you can adjust your schedule according to your convenience.

Requirements to Attend This Course:
A. Computer & Smart Phone
B. Internet
C. Common Sense
D. Fire in the belly

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