Next batch of our online trainings is starting from 30th September
Next batch of our online trainings is starting from 30th September
Youtube Rokra

Youtube Rokra

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Training Date 30th January 2023
Batch Number 63
Duration 7 Day
1 Hour Daily


Here are some of the questions that you might want to be answered before getting enrolled.


What is included in the course content of this YouTube Rokra training?
We will conduct comprehensive training on YouTube that includes:
• Niche Selection
• Channel Creation
• Content Generation Tools
• Video Editing
• Types of YouTube Videos
• Video Optimization
• Understanding Channel Analytics
• Techniques for Completing Watch Time.
• Monetization Techniques


Course Outline


What are the benefits of starting a YouTube Channel?
Starting a YouTube channel is just like starting a new business. You can brand yourself as a social celebrity, sell your products, earn as an affiliate marketer of other brands, and can earn through ads after meeting the monetization criteria of YouTube.

I have no experience of Video content creation. Will this course be beneficial for me?
Yes, we will train you from scratch on how you can create new videos. We not only provide you some free software but will also train you on basic video editing tools.

Do I need to have a YouTube Channel before getting enrolled?
No, you don’t necessarily need to have any YouTube Channel before joining the course. We will guide you on how you can create on your own.

Is English essential to work on YouTube?
Absolutely not. You don’t need to be efficient in English. You can even create your content in your mother tongue.

When training will start?
It will start on 16 January 9:00PM (Pakistan Time)

What is your Training Methodology?
We will make an exclusive Secret Facebook Group and participants will attend training through live and recorded videos. We extensively use WhatsApp, and Facebook for a direct one-to-one interaction.

What will be the timing and duration of the lectures?
The average duration of a lecture is around 30 minutes and you can adjust your schedule for lectures according to your own convenience.

What are requirements to attend this training?
If you have following four things, you are eligible to join YouTube Rokra Training:
a. Computer
b. Internet
c. Basic Written English Skill
d. The passion and zest to work with consistency.

What if I need individual coaching after 7 days?
We are available without any charge. You can ping our trainer anytime after the training as well.

How much time is needed to start the earning process on YouTube?
This entirely depends on one’s commitment, attitude, and quality of the content. Once watch time and required number of subscribers are achieved, the YouTube channel will go into monetization. It all depends on your inner desire and what we call FIRE IN THE BELLY. The training content also presents the ways of earning even before meeting the monetization criteria of YouTube.


E-certificate will be provided with additional charges of Rs. 300.


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